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Op vrijdag 7 Augustus vier ik samen met mijn gabbers Daan en Wester dat ik 2 dagen later pas jarig ben. Dan doen we met een groots festijn in de chiqueste club van Amsterdam, de Dansen bij Jansen. En omdat we de moeilijkste niet zijn hebben we een wervende reclametekst voor dit feest geschreven.

Gewoon omdat we graag willen dat jij hier bij bent. Kom je ook?

The Epic Birthday Rave of Wester, Daan & Perre

This new stylish concept will premiere in Amsterdam’s no 1 club for beautiful people: the Dansen bij Jansen (Dancing @ Jones).

It’s a strictly VIP international club night for A-listers, celebrities and models. Bottle service is available but capacity is limited so be sure to make your reservation on time.

Do note that we have a very strict door policy (no poor people allowed) so drezz 2 imprezz.

We’ve come up with a smashing line-up for your listening pleasure. And of course we’ve only booked good-looking DJs

Lil’ Vic aka Death Spider
Danny de Funk aka Tropical Thunder
Willie Wartaal aka Black IJbiza
LIVE: Arjuna Schiks aka Appie Asbak (special Bordello memorial set 2009 – 2009 R.I.P.)
Tim Nieburg aka Stormchaser
Systeempje aka de Heilige Schraal & Lucci Bandana

Your host for tonight is MC Paultje aka P.J. Snoozer aka Speedboathunter3000.

Make sure you’ll get your hands on the hottest tickets in town! The epic birthday drink, which is entrance by invitation only, will take place between 9.30PM and 11.30PM. After the drink regular people, if dressed properly, will also be admitted. If you’re invited to the drink entrance is free because you’re part of the inner circle. Other guests will have to pay 5 Euro.

Dansen bij Jansen (Dancing @ Jones) is located at the very fashionable Spui area (comparable to Williamsburg and Shoreditch). It’s a truly unique club for rich people who like to have a fabulous time with likeminds.

Be there or be outdated.

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